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If you are willing to live a wild experience and feel nature in all…
8 Hours
Discover the remarkable biodiversity of Corcovado National Park in Costa Rica. Explore the park's…
6 Hours

Snorkeling Tour Caño Island

$95 / per person
Discover the natural beauty and rich history of Caño Island, Costa Rica's hidden island…
6 Hours
Discover the natural wonders of Corcovado National Park and Isla del Caño on a…
6 Hours

Tapirs Trail

$75 / per person
Experience the natural wonders of Drake Bay on the Tapir Trail tour, where you'll…
6 Hours

Corcovado Overnight Tour

$350 / per person
Corcovado It is an experience for environment lovers who want to venture and are…

Whale Watching Tour

$85 / per person
The Humpback whale and Bryde´s whale are most common in the area. These huge…

Best Combo Tours in Costa Rica

$120 / per person
Explore the stunning landscapes of Corcovado National Park, Caño Island, and more with our…

Bird Watching Tour

$45 / per person
Explore the diverse world of avian beauty in the Osa Peninsula with our guided…

Drake Bay Night Tour

$45 / per person
Embark on an unforgettable adventure with our Costa Rica Night Rainforest Tour. Explore the…
Explore the wonders of Corcovado National Park on our comprehensive one-day tour, visiting Sirena…
All day

Horse Back Riding Tour

$55 / per person
Immerse yourself in the natural beauty of Drake Bay, Costa Rica, with our unforgettable…
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