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Whale Watching Tour

Whale Watching Tour

$85 per person

Whale watching Tour

The Humpback whale and Bryde´s whale are most common in the area. These huge mammals can reach up to 15 meters (50 ft) long; the females are somewhat bigger than the males. Despite their enormous size, they are able to jump out of the water providing a spectacular show for the ones lucky enough to be there at the right time. Another great experience – which is more likely to witness during the tour – is watching the offspring swim and play besides the huge mother whale.

What is the bes time for whale Watching?

Whale watching in Uvita and Drake Bay Costa Rica has 2 seasons, from half July to half November and from half December to March. These seasons are based on the annual migration cycle of the pacific humpback whale. These animals travel from far to visit Marino Ballena in Uvita and Drake Bay. Each year the pacific humpback whales from the southern hemisphere travel from Antarctica to Costa Rica and arrive around the end of July to October. The pacific whales from the northern hemisphere do the same, but they travel from Alaska to Costa Rica and arrive around the end of December. They travel between 5000 km (3100 mi) and 8000 km (5000 mi); twice a year!

Our tour:

Whale watching and dolphin watching in Costa Rica, during this tour we can see the humpback whales, spotted dolphins, bottle noses, turtles and sea birds combined with snorkeling in the tail of the whale or whale island where you can see different types of reef fish. In summer it is the best time for snorkeling, This depends on the weather conditions.

Uvita Bahía Ballena  and Drake Bay are  privileged places for the best whale watching in Costa Rica for its warm and safe waters are chosen by these cetaceans.


Includes: Water and Fruits, snorkeling equipment, guide and entrance fee to the park

Duation: 3- 4 hours

Price per person: $90

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